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Now with an online song search!

Click here to order, renew, or for more information about LicenSing.

WHAT IS LicenSing?

The role of music in congregations is changing. No longer seen as an add-on, music is now understood as an integral part of the liturgy and life of faith communities large and small.

LicenSing, copyright-cleared music for churches, provides your congregation with permission to reproduce a vast collection of hymns and songs, every one of which has been pre-cleared for you to reproduce.

Worship Music made Easy
For a low annual fee and a little simple record keeping, LicenSing clears the way for you to use a wealth of old favorites, contemporary hymns and an ever-expanding collection of new music. The LicenSing team searches for current Christian music, finds publishers, obtains rights and clearances and arranges payments to the creators of the congregational music.

The LicenSing program gives you permission to copy over 100,000 songs and hymns.
LicenSing is not just for worship. You may also use the program during mid-week activities and church outings; wherever your congregations is gathered.

LicenSing offers more than just a license The LicenSing program includes resources that can help plan your worship and provide ways to acquire music easily.

Articles, ideas and information LicenSing Update Newsletter (free with your annual license), is accesible online with new ideas and helpful suggestions for using music in your congregational life, introduces hymnwriters and composers, offers information around new music and clarification of copyright issues.

What are the benefits of LicenSing
Over 100,000 hymns and songs copyright cleared for you
Includes old favorites, contemporary hymns and new music
Coordination with the Revised Common Lectionary
Provides helpful ideas on how to use music in your congregational life
Time-limited music samples included in Update Newsletter, put music at your finger tips
Easy to use at a reasonable cost
Selections from our Resource Catalog


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